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Fats Domino Biography

American pianist, singer, and songwriter Fats Domino was born Antoine Dominique Domino Jr. Over 65 million records were sold by Domino, one of the pioneers of rock and roll music. Domino, a French Creole from New Orleans, joined Imperial Records in 1949. Some historians claim that his first single, “The Fat Man,” was the first rock and roll song to sell over a million copies. Domino and the song’s co-writer Dave Bartholomew continued to collaborate, and they contributed their unique rolling piano approach to Lloyd Price‘s 1952 song “Lawdy Miss Clawdy” as well as a succession of mainstream singles beginning with “Ain’t That a Shame” (1955). He had 11 US Top 10 pop hits between 1955 and 1960. Five of his records had achieved gold certification by 1955 after selling more than a million copies.

The youngest of eight children, Antoine Domino Jr. was born and reared in New Orleans, Louisiana on February 26, 1928. Domino began performing in New Orleans bars at the age of 14. A New Orleans bandleader named Billy Diamond accepted an invitation to see the young pianist play at a private cookout in 1947. When Domino’s performance impressed Diamond, he invited him to join his band, the Solid Senders, at the Hideaway Club in New Orleans, where he could play the piano for $3 per week. Due to Domino’s big appetite as well as the fact that he reminded Diamond of the pianists Fats Waller and Fats Pichon, Diamond gave him the moniker “Fats.”

Domino, although having a quiet and reserved personality, significantly influenced the rock & roll genre. Elvis Presley referred to Domino as “the real king of rock ‘n’ roll” and said that he had a “big influence on me when I first started out.” Domino also had a significant influence on The Beatles. The musician said of the genre, “It wasn’t anything but the same rhythm and blues I’d been playing down in New Orleans,” rejecting the label “rock and roll” for his work. The Grammy Hall of Fame inducted four of Domino’s records for their importance: “Blueberry Hill,” “Ain’t That a Shame,” “Walking to New Orleans,” and “The Fat Man.”

With the Top Ten hit “Ain’t That a Shame” (incorrectly titled “Ain’t It a Shame”), Domino entered the pop mainstream. On July 16, 1955, this song became the first of his to debut at number 14 on the Billboard pop singles chart. In an era of racial segregation, Pat Boone’s softer cover version garnered more radio airplay and eventually peaked at number one. In 1955, Domino reportedly made $10,000 per week while on the road, according to a statement in Chuck Berry‘s autobiography. Domino eventually had 37 singles that reached the Top 40, although none of them peaked at #1 on the Pop chart.

Several of Domino’s most recent singles were included on his first album, which was published in November 1955 on the Imperial label (catalogue number 9009) and then reissued as Rock and Rollin’ with Fats Domino.

On the Billboard Pop Albums chart, the re-release peaked at number 17.

As a member of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame’s inaugural class, he was inducted in 1986. According to the Associated Press, Domino “sold more than 110 million records” throughout the course of his career. Domino was one of the most dependable early rock musicians, the best-selling African-American rock-and-roll star of the 1950s, and the most well-known performer in the “traditional” New Orleans rhythm and blues style, according to Richie Unterberger, writing for AllMusic. Many have claimed that “The Fat Man,” his million-selling first single from 1949, was the first rock and roll song. Domino was described as “the most well-liked rock and roller of the ’50s” by Robert Christgau.

Fats Domino Discography

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Many No 1 Has Fats Domino Had?

Fats Domino has had ten No. 1 hits on the Billboard R&B chart. His first No. 1 hit was “The Fat Man” in 1950. He also had No. 1 hits with “Ain’t That a Shame” in 1955, “I’m Walkin'” in 1957, and “Walkin’ to New Orleans” in 1960. Other No. 1 hits include “Blue Monday” (1961), “I’m Gonna Be a Wheel Someday” (1963), and “Lady Madonna” (1968).

What Was Fats Domino’S Best Selling Album?

Fats Domino’s best selling album was “Blueberry Hill”. It was released in 1956 and reached number two on the Billboard 200 chart. The album sold over a million copies and was certified gold by the RIAA.

What Is Fats Domino’S Most Famous Song?

“Ain’t That a Shame” is one of Fats Domino’s most famous songs. It was originally released in 1955 and quickly rose to the top of the charts. The song has been covered by many artists over the years, including John Lennon, Cheap Trick, and Willie Nelson.

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