Songs that fell completely out of Hot 100 from Top 40

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    What are the songs that have fallen completely out of the Hot 100 from their last week in the Top 40? You can limit this answer to the 1980s decade if you want. I have been systematically going through the charts starting with 1980 to make notes on the Top 40 for some Spotify playlists I have been making. Thus far, I have run across two songs that fell as far as #99. “Heartache Tonight” by the Eagles fell from #34 to #99 on Jan. 12. And “Heartbreaker” by Pat Benatar fell from #40 to #99 on April 19. But thus far, no drops completely out of the Hot 100.

    A list of any that did would be handy for my project. My understanding is that the Bubbling Under charts do not include songs that are falling out of the Hot 100, so any song that dropped completely off the chart from the Top 40 would not show up on the Bubbling Under chart.

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    Hey Hansenko

    Thanks for the query. This will take some research for sure!

    The only resource we have that’s anything close to this right now are the biggest drops from number 1.

    I’ll add this to our list for research. Unless of course, another user has the answer before then.


    Matt – Webmaster

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