George Jones And Tammy Wynette – Biography, Songs, Albums, & Facts

George Jones And Tammy Wynette - Biography, Songs, Albums, & Facts
Promotional image of George Jones and Tammy Wynette.
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George Jones (September 12, 1931 – April 26, 2013) was an American country musician, member of the Country Music Hall of Fame and The Grand Ole Opry, singer, and songwriter. He was a legend in country music with tons of top 40 country songs and many number 1 singles.  His top hits appeared on charts for decades.  One of his biggest hits was “He Stopped Loving Her Today”.  In 1959, Jones recorded “White Lightning”, written by The Big Bopper, which launched his career as a singer. His second marriage ended in divorce in 1968; he married fellow country music singer Tammy Wynette a year later. After his divorce from Wynette in 1975, Jones married his fourth wife, Nancy Sepulvado, in 1983 Jones died in 2013, aged 81, from respiratory failure.

Tammy Wynette ( May 5, 1942 – April 6, 1998) was an American country music artist, member of the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame as well as an actress and author. She is considered among the genre’s most influential and successful artists. Her songs topped the billboard country charts with her signature song “Stand by Your Man” receiving both acclaim and criticism for its portrayal of women’s loyalty towards their husbands. George & Tammy (Married 1969, Divorced 1975)

Wynette first met George Jones while on tour with him in the late sixties. They recorded numerous duets together, including Near You, We’re Gonna Hold On, Golden Ring, Two Story House and others.

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Interesting Facts:

What songs did George Jones and Tammy Wynette sing together?

  • “The Ceremony” From ‘Me and the First Lady’ (1972) … 
  • “Two Story House” From ‘Together Again’ (1980) … 
  • “Near You” From ‘Golden Ring’ (1976) … 
  • “Golden Ring” From ‘Golden Ring’ (1976) … 
  • “We’re Gonna Hold On” From ‘We’re Gonna Hold On’ (1973)

What is Tammy Wynettes most famous song?

“Stand By Your Man” just might be Wynette’s most enduring and best-known song.

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