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Lee Andrews & The Hearts Biography

Lee Andrews & the Hearts were an American doo-wop quintet formed in 1953 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They released albums on the labels Gotham, Rainbow, Mainline, Chess, United Artists, Grand, and Gowen. They had their three biggest songs in 1957 and 1958, “Tear Drops,” “Long Lonely Nights,” and “Try the Impossible,” all managed by Kae Williams. “Long Lonely Nights” charted higher on the R&B list (number 11). Chess took up the group’s second single for Mainline, “Teardrops,” for wider distribution at its peak. It was their biggest hit, reaching number 20 on the pop charts on November 25, 1957, and number four on the R&B charts by January 1958. A third hit, “Try the Impossible” for the United Artists label, charted at number 33 on the pop charts (June 22, 1958).

The group consisted of Lee Andrews (lead), Roy Calhoun (first tenor), Thomas “Butch” Curry (second tenor), Ted Weems (baritone) and Wendell Calhoun (bass). Thompson began singing with four pals when he was a student at Bertram High School in 1952: Royalston “Roy” Calhoun (first tenor), Thomas “Butch” Curry (second tenor), James “Jimmy” McCalister (baritone), and John Young (bass). The Dreams and then the Dreamers were the names given to the quintet from the South Philly area of 49th and Woodland.

Thompson began shuffling the names around to come up with something he thought would sound better and read better on the labels than Arthur Thompson and the Hearts because he was to be highlighted as the group’s leader. Lee Andrews & the Hearts was born when he eventually decided to use his two middle names as his stage moniker.

The Hearts’ first single was a cover of the Orioles’ “Maybe You’ll Be There,” which was a hit at the time (accompanied only by piano). It was released in mid-May 1954 and garnered local broadcast, but it couldn’t compete with the polished and well-established Orioles’ version and sank like a stone. Their second song, “The White Cliffs of Dover,” was a better overall group performance but received even less airtime. “The Bells of St. Mary’s,” a third single released in October 1954, competed on the charts with a better-produced version of the same song by the Drifters. Rainbow’s three tries were clearly insufficient for Williams, who dropped his band from the label.

Hy Lit, the group’s third disc jockey/manager, got them signed to Chancellor Records, where a new version of the band, now consisting of Calhoun, Curry, Custus, and Sonny Gordon, re-recorded “It’s Unbelievable.” Lee Andrews, Curry, the Calhoun brothers, and Custus reassembled briefly in February 1962 for “Together Again” (Gowen Records) with a lineup that included Lee Andrews, Curry, the Calhoun brothers, and Custus.

Lee subsequently went solo on Parkway’s “I’m Sorry Pillow” in December 1962 (if you can call a record with Dreamlovers, Rick and the Masters, and various Hearts a solo). Meanwhile, in November 1962, the four singing Hearts recorded “Aisle of Love” for Guyden Records. They broke up after the single failed.

The Hearts had ceased ticking by 1963, and their records had become highly collectible. In 1979, Roy Calhoun died in an apartment fire. Butch Curry and Wendell Calhoun have also passed away. Ted Weems was a member of the Pheasants (“Out of the Mist,” Throne) in 1963 and afterwards formed Tribute, but he had no other hits.

Lee Andrews & The Hearts Discography

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lee Andrews & The Hearts Music Brand?

Yes, lee andrews & the hearts is a music brand. The band has been around since the 1950s and has produced a number of hits over the years. Their music is still popular today and their brand is strong. If you’re a fan of classic rock, then you’ll definitely want to check out their music.

Who Wrote The Song Teardrops By Lee Andrews & The Hearts?

The song “Teardrops” was written by Lee Andrews and the Hearts. The song was released in 1957 and became a hit, reaching number five on the Billboard R&B chart. The song has been covered by many artists over the years, including the Temptations, Marvin Gaye, and Diana Ross.

How Many Members Of The Lee Andrews & The Hearts Music Group?

There were originally five members in the group, but one member, Richie Greene, left in 1961. The remaining members are Lee Andrews, Teddy Williams, Wendell Howard, and Robert Tyler.

Which Song By Lee Andrews And Hearts Was Most Popular?

The song “Tear Drops” by Lee Andrews and Hearts was the most popular. It was released in 1957 and reached number five on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The group’s other notable songs include “Long Lonely Nights,” “Tryin’ to Forget You,” and “Don’t You Cry.

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