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Metallica Biography

Metallica, known for Nothing Else Matters, was formed in 1981. The current lineup consists of James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett, and Robert Trujillo. Past members were Dave Mustaine, Ron Mcgovney, Cliff Burton and Jason Newsted.

Metallica released their first studio album, Kill’ Em All, in 1983. The album sold 60,000,000 copies worldwide. They have released 10 studio albums between 1983 and 2016.

Metallica was released on August 12th , 1991 and is their fifth studio album. The album has sold over 125,000,000 copies worldwide and 60,000,000 copies in the United States which made best selling album of the band. This album is also one of the best selling albums worldwide. The album, Metallica, peaked number one in several countries.The album was also certified 16 platinum.

They have done over 37 tours between 1983 and 2019.

Between 1983 and 2019 they have done 37 tours and released 10 studio albums between 1983 and 2016. As of 2022, the band has sold over 150,000,000 copies worlwide. Metallica, released in 1991, was their highest selling album.

Metallica had over 168 nominations for major awards and have won 103 awards. They have won 8 Grammy Awards including Best Metal Performance, Best Hard Rock Performance, Best Rock Instrumental Performance and Best Recording Package.

They had seven albums in the Top 40, ( And Justice For All, Metallica, Load, Reload, St Anger, Death Magnetic, and Hardwired to Self Destruct) and nine albums in the Top 100 ( Ride the Lightning, Master of Puppets, And Justice For All, Metallica, Load, Reload, St Anger, Death Magnetic, and Hardwired to Self Destruct.)

The album, And Justice For All peaked at No. 4 and it charted 7 weeks.

The album, Metallica peaked at No. 1 and it charted for 102 weeks.

The album, Load peaked at No. 1 and it charted for 22 weeks.

The album, Reload peaked at No. 4 and it charted for 10 weeks.

The album, St Angel peaked at No. 3 and it charted for 16 weeks.

The album, Death Magnetic peaked at No. 1 and it charted for 11 weeks.

The album, Hardwired to Self Destruct peaked at No. 2 and it charted for 9 weeks.

The album, Master of Puppets peaked at No. 41 and it charted for 8 weeks.

The album, Ride the Lightning peaked at No. 87 and it charted for 2 weeks.

The album, the Good the Bad And the Live peaked at No.56 and it charted for 1 week.

The album, Hero of the Day peaked at No. 47 and it charted for 1 weeks.

The album, Garage Inc peaked at No. 29 and it charted for 8 weeks.

The album, Through the Never- Ost peaked at No.36 and it charted for 2 weeks.

Their latest studio release, as of 2016, was Hardwired to Self- Destruct which sold 516,000 copies. The album reached number two on Billboard 200.

James Alan Hetfield is the lead singer of the band Metallica. He is also co- founder and main songwriter of the band.


Hardwired… to Self-DestructSpotifyAppleYouTubeAmazon
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Kill ‘Em AllSpotifyAppleYouTubeAmazon

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Frequently Asked Questions

When Did Metallica Start?

The band was formed in 1981 in Los Angeles, California by drummer Lars Ulrich and guitarist and vocalist James Hetfield, who were later joined by bassist Cliff Burton and guitarist Kirk Hammett.

How Many Albums Has Metallica Sold?

Metallica is one of the most commercially successful bands of all time, having sold over 125 million albums worldwide. They have also been nominated for nine Grammy Awards, winning eight of them.

Why Was David Mustaine Kicked Out Of Metallica?

David Mustaine was kicked out of Metallica in 1983 due to his drug and alcohol addiction, which led to erratic behavior and conflicts with bandmates. He was replaced by Kirk Hammett.

Who Is The Lead Singer Of Metallica?

The lead singer of Metallica is James Hetfield.

What Was Metallica’S Original Band Name?

The band was originally named “Metallica” after the element of the same name. The name change came about when Lars Ulrich’s friend, Ron Quintana, suggested that they change their name to “Metal Mania”. Metallica decided to keep their original name after considering all of the other options.

How Many Albums Did Metallica’S Black Album Sell?

The album has sold more than 16 million copies in the United States alone, and more than 30 million copies worldwide. It is the band’s best-selling album, and is also one of the best-selling albums of all time.

Is Metallica Classic Rock?

This is a difficult question to answer, as there are many different interpretations of what “classic rock” actually is.

How Many Hit Songs Has Metallica Had?

Metallica is an American heavy metal band that has released ten studio albums, four live albums, five extended plays, 39 singles, 10 video albums, and 42 music videos. The band has won nine Grammy Awards, and metallica has sold over 110 million records worldwide making them the third-best-selling band of all time.

At What Age Did Kirk Hammett Join Metallica?

Kirk Hammett joined Metallica when he was 20 years old. He had previously played in the band Exodus, and had also been a part of the band Leather Charm. Hammett has been credited with helping to shape the sound of Metallica, and is considered one of the greatest guitarists of all time.

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