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Neil Young Biography

Neil Percival Young is a singer, musician, and songwriter of Canadian and American descent. Young went to Los Angeles in the 1960s after starting his music career in Winnipeg, when he joined Buffalo Springfield with Stephen Stills, Richie Furay, and others. Young has made a number of critically praised and noteworthy albums since forming his solo career with his backing band Crazy Horse, including Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere, After the Gold Rush, Harvest, On the Beach, and Rust Never Sleeps. He was a member of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young on a part-time basis.

Young was born in Toronto, Canada, on November 12, 1945. Young worked at folk clubs in Winnipeg after leaving The Squires, where he met Joni Mitchell for the first time.Young, according to Mitchell, was heavily influenced by Bob Dylan at the time. Some of his earliest and most memorable folk songs, such as “Sugar Mountain,” about lost youth, were written here. In response, Mitchell created “The Circle Game.” Young’s “Flying on the Ground is Wrong,” a Canadian Top 40 smash for the Winnipeg band The Guess Who (featuring Randy Bachman as lead guitarist), was Young’s first major breakthrough as a songwriter.

Young went on a solo tour in Canada in 1965. He joined the Rick James-fronted Mynah Birds in Toronto in 1966. The band was signed to the Motown label, but James was jailed for being AWOL from the Navy Reserve as their first album was being recorded. After the Mynah Birds broke up, Young and bassist Bruce Palmer decided to sell the band’s instruments and buy a Pontiac hearse, which they used to move to Los Angeles. In a 2009 interview, Young revealed that he was in the United States illegally until 1970, when he acquired a “green card” (permanent residency permission).

Young has won multiple Grammys and Juno Awards. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice: once as a solo artist in 1995 and again in 1997 as a member of Buffalo Springfield. Young was ranked No. 34 on Rolling Stone’s list of the 100 best musical artists of 2000. According to Acclaimed Music, he is the seventh most famous musician in the history of popular music. His long career is defined by his guitar work, highly personal lyrics, and characteristic high tenor singing voice. On many of his CDs, he also plays piano and harmonica, combining folk, rock, country, and other musical genres. His distorted electric guitar playing, especially with Crazy Horse, gave him the moniker “Godfather of Grunge” and led to his collaboration with Pearl Jam on the album Mirror Ball in 1995. Promise of the Real has backed him more recently. In the United States, 21 of his albums and songs have been awarded Gold or Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

Under the pseudonym “Bernard Shakey,” Young directed (or co-directed) films such as Journey Through the Past (1973), Rust Never Sleeps (1979), Human Highway (1982), Greendale (2003), and CSNY/Déjà Vu (2008). He also worked on the soundtracks for the movies Philadelphia (1993) and Dead Man (1994). (1995).

Young has been a resident of California since the 1960s, but he is a Canadian citizen. In 2006, he received the Order of Manitoba, and in 2009, he was named an Officer of the Order of Canada. In 2020, he became a dual citizen of the United States and the United Kingdom.

Neil Young Discography

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Considered Neil Young’S Best Album?

There is no single album that can be considered Neil Young’s best. This is because he has released so many great albums over the course of his career. Some of his most popular and highly rated albums include After the Gold Rush, Harvest, Rust Never Sleeps, and Freedom. However, there are many other Neil Young albums that are also highly praised by fans and critics alike. It really depends on what you are looking for in an album as to which one you would consider to be his best.

What Is Neil Young’S Best Song?

There are a lot of great Neil Young songs, but his best might be “Heart of Gold.” It’s a beautiful ballad with simple, yet effective lyrics. The song is about finding love and happiness in the simplest things, and it’s something that everyone can relate to. It’s also one of Neil Young’s most popular songs, and it’s easy to see why. It’s a timeless classic that will continue to be loved for years to come.

What Is Neil Diamond’S Best Album?

There are a lot of great Neil Diamond albums, but his best album is probably “Hot August Night.” This album features some of his most popular songs, including “Sweet Caroline” and “Forever in Blue Jeans.” It’s a great album for fans of Neil Diamond’s music.

What Is Neil Diamond’S Most Famous Song?

Neil Diamond’s most famous song is “Sweet Caroline.” It was released in 1969 and quickly became a fan favorite. Over the years, it has been covered by many artists and has become an iconic baseball stadium anthem.

What Is Neil Young’S Best Selling Album?

Neil Young’s best selling album is Harvest. It was released in 1972 and has sold over 3 million copies in the United States alone. It is one of his most popular and well-known albums, and features hits like “Heart of Gold” and “Old Man.

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