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Stevie Wonder is well-known globally as a legendary American singer, songwriter, musician, record producer, and multi-instrumentalist. The world now knows Wonder amongst the most significant and commercially successful music performer of the late 20th century. Stevie Wonder dedicatedly combined the power of pop music with his deep concern for policy-related issues. He always worked in the music industry to make the world better around him.

Who is Stevie Wonder?

Wonder was born on the 13th of May, 1950, in Saginaw of Michigan. From an early age, Stevie played various musical instruments, and very soon after that, he formed a singing partnership with one of his closest friends. The duo used to play music around street corners, sometimes at parties and dances as well. They even named their duo “Stevie and John.”

Stevie Wonder was just 11 years old when he made his recording debut in the music industry. The gem called Stevie Wonder was found by Ronnie White of Motown band, the Miracles. Later on, he had his next audition with Berry Gordy Jr., who didn’t give a second thought to sign the young talent to a new record deal.

Is Stevie Wonder’s name really Stevie Wonder?

Stevie wonder was originally named Stevland Hardaway Judkins. After his debut with Tamla Motown Records, Wonder performed his own composition Lonely Boy to Ronnie White. The young boy impressed the label heads with his performance, and he got signed by Berry Gordy for his label. However, the producer, Clarence Paul, wanted to change Wonder’s name and suggested that the young gem will be Little Stevie Wonder From then on. He stated at the moment, “we can’t keep introducing him as the ‘8th Wonder of the World!’

Who was Stevie Wonder’s mentor?

When we look into Stevie Wonder biography, he was introduced to Berry Gordy and Brian Holland through a friend. Gordy saw potential in the young boy and placed the young exceptional gem’s career in the hands of his associate Clarence Paul, who got designated as Wonder’s mentor. Gordy told Paul that it would be his duty to bring out young Wonder’s genius.

When did Stevie Wonder become famous?

Stevie Wonder discography explains that he started getting face in the early 60s as a musical prodigy. His dance hits and love songs gravely moved over the years into thoughtful commentaries related to the joy, injustice, and social issues in our world. Wonder’s significant success was at its peak in the 70s. The classic period for Wonder began in 1972 with Music of My Mind, and Talking Book releases. Stevie wonder songs from his acclaimed albums like You Are the Sunshine of My Life, You Haven’t Done Nothin, I Wish, and Sir Duke ranked number one in the charts. His incredible musical journey has captivated audiences worldwide with his soulful voice and timeless melodies, making him a legendary singer-songwriter and musician. Top 100 Stevie Wonder songs continue to resonate with fans.

How did Stevie Wonder influence music?

Wonder is known as one of the most recognized music figure during the second of the 20th century. He was virtually a one-man band during the peak years of his career. Wonder is the man to be credited for helping to bring R&B into the Era of Albums. He recorded several albums and single hits, and also he wrote and produced songs for several of his label mates and other artists from the outside as well. Wonder’s skills and abilities gave him recognition as a pioneer and influence to so many musicians and American artists of several genres, including pop, soul, rhythm and blues, flunk, and rock.

Stevie Wonder is renowned for his remarkable ability to play a wide range of musical instruments, earning him the nickname “the one-man band” as he seamlessly incorporates keyboards, harmonica, drums, and other Stevie Wonder instruments into his captivating performances.

Interesting Facts about the Artist

  • Stevie Wonder was the youngest solo artist to have a #1 song on Billboard.
  • Stevie Wonder’s single, “Happy Birthday,” is a big reason why Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday is celebrated as a National Holiday. 
  • Stevie Wonder took home a total of 12 Grammy Awards Between 1970 and 1979.
  • Stevie Wonder net worth is estimated to be $110 million.
  • After his car crash in 1973, Stevie Wonder temporarily lost his sense of taste and smell.
  • Wonder once sung “No Church in the Wild” to Frank Ocean. Stevie has performed at funerals for friends: Michael Jackson in 2009, Etta James in 2012, and Whitney Houston a month later.


According to the RIAA, Stevie Wonder has 10 Million certified units, including 1 Diamond, 9 Gold, and 6 Silver Platinum. The “Live at Last” is his top selling DVD/CD and the Album “Songs in the Key of Life” is his top selling album.  To learn more about the certification process, visit the RIAA here.

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