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The Crystals Biography

Barbara Alston (born December 29, 1943, Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.—died February 16, 2018, Charlotte, North Carolina), Myrna Giraud (born 1943, Brooklyn, New York), Delores (“Dee Dee”) Kenniebrew (born 1945, Brooklyn), Mary Thomas (born 1946, Brooklyn), and Pattie Wright (b. 1945, Brooklyn) were the founding members of the American girl group The Crystals. In 1962, Dolores (“La La”) Brooks replaced Giraud (b. 1946, Brooklyn).

Benny Wells, Alston’s uncle, assembled the vocalists to record a string of pop singles, which led to the formation of the group. Wells sought the assistance of other songwriters, and his search took him to the Manhattan offices of publishers Hill & Range.The trio met producer Phil Spector there while working on the song “There’s No Other (Like My Baby).” Spector gave the song a rhythm-and-blues vibe in the recording studio and added the layered instruments that would later come to represent his “wall of sound” production approach. “There’s No Other (Like My Baby),” which was released by Spector’s Philles label in late 1961, made it to the Billboard Top 20. The group’s next single, “Uptown,” was a moderate smash that gave Spector the chance to try out some unusual pop instruments, like castinets and Spanish guitars.

Although the song was billed to the Crystals, Darlene Love of the Blossoms was brought in by Spector to perform the lead vocals for the 1962 pop chart-topper “He’s a Rebel.” The Crystals recovered their moniker the next year with the breakthrough songs “Da Doo Ron Ron” and “Then He Kissed Me,” featuring La La Brooks as their lead vocalist. The later song, which was the group’s biggest worldwide hit, was one of the pinnacles of Spector’s wall of sound method. However, later albums did not enjoy the same level of success, and the band split up in 1967.

By 1964, the group—with Frances Collins replacing Patricia Wright—was no longer interested in working with Spector as a result of the commercial failure of two successive authentic Crystals songs.They terminated their contract the following year and moved to the Imperial label, which offered what seemed to be better opportunities, but they were unsuccessful there. At that point, only girl groups affiliated with Motown were still actively competing in the music industry. The Crystals split up in 1966, and for the next five years, only oldies radio stations played their songs. The fact that Spector had even shut down Philles Records and that their records were no longer available anywhere other than the radio further increased the value of the old copies that were still available and made their periodic reissues even more highly sought-after by fans.The group members later came back together in 1971, as the rock and roll resurgence was in full force, and they spent a few years entertaining crowds on the oldies circuit. The group went through several iterations in the late 1970s and the 1980s, but at the turn of the new century, Dee Dee Kennibrew was still in charge of one of them and had even succeeded in getting them recorded.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What Was The Crystals Biggest Hit?

The Crystals had many hits throughout their career, but their biggest hit was definitely “He’s a Rebel.” The song reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1962 and has since become an iconic pop song. Additionally, the song was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1999.

What Genre Are The Crystals?

The Crystals are a rock and roll group. They were one of the most successful groups of the early 1960s. The Crystals were known for their clear, high-pitched vocals. They had hits with songs like “He’s a Rebel,” “Da Doo Ron Ron,” and “Then He Kissed Me.” The Crystals were part of the “Brill Building sound,” which was a group of artists who wrote and recorded songs at the Brill Building in New York City. The Crystals were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2007.

Who Was The First Lead Singer Of The Crystals?

The first lead singer of the Crystals was Barbara Alston.

Who Are The Original Members Of The Crystals?

The original members of the Crystals were Barbara Alston, Dee Dee Kenniebrew, Myrna Giraud, and Patricia Wright. They were all high school students at the time they formed the group.

Where Are The Group The Crystals From?

The group the Crystals are from Earth. They are a group of five powerful wizards who control the five elements. They use their powers to protect the planet from evil.

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