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The Del-Vikings Biography

The Del-Vikings were a doo-wop musical group from the United States that had numerous hit singles in the 1950s and continued to record and perform with various lineups in later decades. The group is most known for the hit songs “Come Go with Me” and “Whispering Bells,” as well as for being a successful racially mixed musical group at a time when such groups were uncommon.

The group was created in 1955 and consisted of Clarence Quick, Kripp Johnson, Don Jackson, Samuel Paterson, Bernard Robertson, and Clarence Harvey Ringo, who were servicemen of the United States Air Force stationed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Because all of the members were in the military, the group was always in danger of being disrupted by members stationed elsewhere.

“Come Go with Me,” issued on Fee Bee Records as catalog number FB-205, was their first hit in 1957. Dot Records reissued “Come Go With Me” as Dot 45-15538 in late January 1957. Clarence Quick is the writer of the song. The song was a smash hit, reaching #5 on Billboard’s Top 100 chart. It received a gold disc for selling over one million copies. American Graffiti (1973), Diner (1982), Stand by Me (1986), Joe Versus the Volcano (1990), and Set It Up (1991) all used the song (2018). “Come Go With Me” was ranked 447th on Rolling Stone’s list of the 500 greatest songs of all time.

Chuck Jackson went on to have a successful solo career after the trio disbanded. Meanwhile, the original group was disintegrating. Because Gus Backus was reassigned, the band was reduced to a quartet. They ended their relationship soon after. Billie Woodruff, lead tenor, Willie Green, Douglass White, and Ritzy Lee were recruited from the Pittsburgh region to rebuild the ensemble. With the Dell-Vikings disbanding at the end of 1957, Kripp Johnson rejoined the original lineup, forming a sextet. They secured a deal with ABC Records (ABC-Paramount). While the core of the band was back together, they were unable to chart any more songs, and the group disbanded in 1965.

In 1970, the Del-Vikings reformed with a lineup that included Clarence Quick, Kripp Johnson, Norman Wright, David Lerchey, and William Blakely, who were all members of the original lineup. Many of the group’s former singles were re-recorded for Scepter Records, and a new version of “Come Go With Me” made the Bubbling Under The Hot 100 list in 1973 (it also peaked at #32 on the Easy Listening chart that year).

In 2000, Norman Wright, David Lerchey, and Wright’s two sons, Norman Wright, Jr. and Anthony Wright, performed as The Del Vikings for PBS’ “Doo Wop 50,” and Wright continued to tour and play with his sons for the rest of his life.

Clarence Quick died on the 3rd of May, 1983. At the age of 57, Corinthian “Kripp” Johnson died of cancer on June 22, 1990. Gus Backus died on February 21, 2019 in Germany.

At the age of 67, David Lerchey (born in New Albany, Indiana) died of cancer in Hallandale, Florida. Norman Wright died on April 23, 2010, at the age of 72, following a long illness.

The Del-Vikings were among hundreds of artists whose material was destroyed in the 2008 Universal fire.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Were The Original Members Of The Del-Vikings?

The original members of the Del-Vikings were Kripp Johnson, Clarence Quick, David Lerchey, Samuel Patterson, and Bernard Robertson. The group was formed in 1955 and is best known for their hit song “Come Go With Me”.

Who Wrote Songs For The Del Vikings?

The Del Vikings were an American doo-wop group who recorded some of the most popular songs of the 1950s. The group was made up of four African-American singers, all of whom wrote songs for the group. The group’s biggest hit was “Come Go With Me,” which reached number four on the Billboard charts in 1957. The Del Vikings were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2001.

What Type Of Music Is The Del Vikings Considered?

The del vikings are considered to be a doo-wop group.

Who Is The Lead Singer Of The Del Vikings?

The lead singer of the Del Vikings was David Lerchey. He sang lead on most of the group’s songs, including their hits “Come Go With Me” and “Whispering Bells.” Lerchey left the group in 1957 and was replaced by Norman Wright. Wright sang lead on the Del Vikings’ final hit, “There Goes My Baby.

What Genre Of Music Is The Del-Vikings?

The Del-Vikings were an American doo-wop group, formed in 1955 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The group’s name came from the fact that all five original members were of African descent and served in the United States Navy. The Del-Vikings are best known for their 1957 hit song, “Come Go with Me”.

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