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The Eagles Biography

The Eagles, known for Hotel California, was formed in 1971 with original band members Gleen Frey, Don Henley, Bernei Leadon, and Randy Meisner. The current lineup consists of Don Henley, Joe Walsh, Timothy Schmit, Deacon Frey, and Vince Gill.

The Eagles released their first studio album Eagles in 1972. The album has reached immediate success by peaking No. 22 on the charts. They have released 7 studio albums between 1972 and 2007.

Hotel California was released on December 8th , 1987 and is their fifth studio album. The album reached number one on US Billboard Top Lps & Tapes chart. The album has sold over 32,000,000 copies worldwide which made it the band’s best-selling album. The album also has been certified 26 platinum. Hotel California is one of the best-selling albums of all time.

They have done 142 tours until 2016.

They have released 7 studio albums between 1972 and 2007. The band has sold over 200,000,000 copies worldwide, including 100,000,000 sold in the United States alone. Hotel California, released in 1987, was their highest selling album which sold over 32,000,000 copies worldwide. This album also is one of the best-selling albums of all time.

The Eagles had over 18 nominations for Grammy awards and they have won 6. They also have won 5 American Music Awards.

They had sixteen albums in the Top 40, (On the Border, One of These Nights, Desperado, Hotel California, the Long Run, Long Road Out of Eden, Their Greatest Hits 1971-75, Live, the Best of, the Best of Eagles, the Very Best of, Hell Frezees Over, the Complete Greatest Hits, Selected Works 1972-1999, and Live From the Forum MMXVIII).

The album On the Border peaked at No. 28 and it charted for 9 weeks.

The album One of These Nights peaked at No.8 and it charted for 43 weeks.

The album Desperado peaked at No. 39 and it charted for 9 weeks.

The album Hotel California peaked at No. 2 and it charted for 85 weeks.

The album the Long Run peaked at No. 4 and it charted for 16 weeks.

The album Long Road Out of Eden peaked at No. 1 and charted for 30 weeks.

The album Their Greatest Hits 1971-75 peaked at No. 2 and it charted for 118 weeks.

The album Live peaked at No. 24 and it charted for 13 weeks.

The album the Best Of peaked at No. 8 and it charted for 65 weeks.

The album the Best Of Eagles peaked at No. 15 and it charted for 8 weeks.

The album the Very Best Of peaked at No. 4 and it charted for 112 weeks.

The album Hell Frezees Over peaked at No. 18 and it charted for 26 weeks.

The album the Complete Greatest Hits peaked at No. 9 and it charted for 82 weeks.

The album Selected Works 1972-1999 peaked at No. 28 and it charted for 44 weeks.

The album Live From the Forum MMXVIII peaked at No. 26 and it charted for 1 week.

Their latest studio release, as of 2007, was Long Road Out of Eden which sold 3,500,000 copies. The album reached number one in the US.

Gleen Frey was the lead singer of the band until his death in 2016. Following Frey’s death in 2016, the Eagles were re-established in 2017 and Vince Gill and Deacon Frey (Gleen’s son) became lead singers of the band.

The Eagles Discography

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where Was The Eagle’S Song Hotel California Written?

The song Hotel California was written by Eagles band members Don Henley, Glenn Frey, and Hotel guitarist Bernie Leadon. The song was released in 1977 as the lead single from the band’s album of the same name.

Who Sings Love Will Keep Us Alive By The Eagles?

The Eagles are an American rock band that was formed in Los Angeles in 1971. The band has released seven studio albums, two live albums, and three compilation albums. “Love Will Keep Us Alive” is a song written by Paul Carrack, and originally recorded by the English rock band Paul Carrack’s Ace.

When Did Joe Walsh Join The Eagles ?

Joe Walsh joined the Eagles in 1975.

What Is The Real Story Behind Hotel California?

There are many theories about the meaning of the Eagles’ song “Hotel California,” but no one knows for sure what lead singer Don Henley was thinking when he wrote it. Some believe that the song is about the dark side of the American dream, while others believe it’s a commentary on the excesses of the 1970s.

Who Are The Members Of The Eagles ?

There are currently seven members of the Eagles: Don Henley, Glenn Frey, Joe Walsh, Timothy B. Schmit, Bernie Leadon, Randy Meisner and Don Felder.

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