Using The Pages

Each entry is divided into three sections.

Section one is the Top 40 songs for that week. The far left column of numbers are the current position of the week. The next set of numbers are the song’s position the week before. You will then see the song title followed by the artist. The number at the end of the artist’s name are the weeks that song has been on the entire Top 100 charts and then followed by it’s peak position on the Top 100

Some decades will have the original record label at the end of the entry.

Section two will be the songs that fell off the Top 40 that week.

Section three will be the songs within the the Top 50 that are rising up the charts and potentially bound for the Top 40.

The final section will be all of the songs that debuted on the Top 100 for that week.


You can search from any page for anything you want to find. For the most part, it is handy to find material you want (like say Donna Summer or Nirvana). however, it can be pretty general. When searching Nirvana, you  will get the band, in addition to any song that may have the word in it’s title.


On the right side of the page are menus. One is a list of all twelve months. Click on a month you want to view and you will see every entry that was released then. Click on the year and you will get every entry, in reverse order, of that year.

Top Menu

The menu at the top, underneath the record shelf, are information pages – like this one. An ‘updates’ page is available for anything new going on with the site. A contact page is available and so on, all located on the top of each page.