As of September 2020, here are the artists who have scored the most #1s. Information subject to change in the future.

The Beatles

Number 1s: 20

First Number 1: 
“I Want To Hold Your Hand” (1964)

If you include their #1s after the Beatles, Paul McCartney has 29, George Harrison has 23, John Lennon has 22, and Ringo Starr

Mariah Carey

Number 1s: 19

First Number 1: 
“Vision Of Love” (1990)

First five songs went to #1

Elvis Presley

Number 1s: 18

First Number 1: 
“Heartbreak Hotel” (1956)


Number 1s: 14

First Number 1: 
“SOS” (2006)

Michael Jackson

Number 1s: 13

First Number 1: 
First No. 1: “Ben” (1972)

If you include his #1s with the Jacksons, Michael has a total of 17.

The Supremes

Number 1s: 12

First Number 1: 
First No. 1: “Where Did Our Love Go” (1964)

First of five in a row. If you include #1s after the Supremes, Diana Ross has 18.


Number 1s: 12

First Number 1: 
“Like A Virgin” (1984)

Whitney Houston

Number 1s: 11

First Number 1: 
“Saving All My Love For You” (1985)

First of a record-setting seven in a row

Stevie Wonder

Number 1s: 10

First Number 1: 
“Fingertips – Pt. 2” (1963)

At 13-years-old, he was the youngest male to hit #1 – a record he still holds.

Janet Jackson

Number 1s: 10

First Number 1: 
“When I Think Of You” (1986)

When this hit #1, it marked the first time two siblings (Michael Jackson) had solo #1s – a record that still stands today.