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Since 2013, the research team here at Top40Weekly has been researching, analyzing and charting Top 40 songs with a goal to create the most comprehensive US Top 40 music archive available.

John Michaelson, Jarrett Nolan, and Stan Messmer together built the Top40Weekly archive site week-by-week, year-by-year to what it is today!  Based on a point system for an artist’s chart performance on the Billboard charts, a ranking system (The Nolan Method) was developed by lead Top40Weekly contributor Jarrett Nolan.

The majority of our pages have been compiled using the Nolan Method. However, we have used multiple sources when compiling various interest pieces such as the Top 100 Lists.  We are working daily to correct and fix each and every chart to make these pages 100% complete and 100% accurate.

Our goal is to present the most accurate archive of the US Top 40 music charts. These charts are meant for the public to use for research, entertainment and educational purposes only.

Nolan Method Explained

The Nolan Method was formulated by lead Top40Weekly contributor Jarrett Nolan.

Using an inverse point-based system, songs earn points for each position that they’re in within the Top 40. Songs at #1 earn 40 points all the way down to 1 point at #40.

A song can earn bonus points if it debuts on the chart within the Top 40. If a song debuts between #11 and #40, the corresponding points for that position would be double with 10 points added.

Example: A song entering the chart at #38, earns 3 points. This would be doubled to 6 points plus 10 making the total score for that week 16 points.

If a song debuts within the Top 10, its entry points would be doubled with 20 points added.

Example: A song debuts on the chart at #1 earning 40 points. The points are doubled to 80 plus 20 for entering in the top 10 giving the song a 100 total for that week.

Bonus points can only be earned on a song’s debut week within the 40.

How To Read Our Charts

Individual Chart Listing

Each week you will see the date, followed by a line that reads: “TW LW TITLE-Artist (Label)-Weeks on Chart (Peak Position)”.

There are some charts missing an element or two of these details. These are charts we are still researching to finalize the accurate information. 

This is the current week’s chart position.

This is the previous week’s chart position.

This is the title of the record as it appeared on the original single release. This may vary depending on Billboard’s original listing.

This is the artist of the record originally as it appeared on the charts upon its initial release.

This is the original record label according to its official release date.

This is the complete weeks a specific record appeared on the entire Hot 100 charts. It is located immediately after (label)-#.

This is where a specific record finally peaked on the Hot 100 charts before falling down the charts.

This is the number of weeks a specific song spent at #1 (of course only valid for #1 songs).

Weekly List Segments

Each week is cut into segments which include: 

The complete Top 40 of that week, broken up in groups of 10. Each entry includes the current position, last week’s position, artist, title, weeks on charts, it’s peak position and record label (again, some labels are missing but are being added daily).

These are the songs that fell off of the Top 40 for that week. In some cases this section will be empty, as the entirety of those songs fell completely off the Hot 100 for that week.

These are songs that have risen the Hot 100 to land just outside of the Top 40 and are either potential Top 40 hits for the upcoming weeks, and, on occasion, recurrents that have a continuation through rising sales and airplay. Some of those have revisited the Top 40, while most of them do not.

These songs debuted in the Hot 100 for that week. You can also see these debuts listed in chronological order at our companion sites.

A Special Thanks

We’d like to extend our thanks to those that have contributed though our community chat in helping us clean up all errors and mistakes and making these charts 100% accurate and complete.

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