Nolan Method Explained

The Nolan Method was formulated by lead Top40Weekly contributor Jarrett Nolan.

Using an inverse point-based system, songs earn points for each position that they’re in within the Top 40. Songs at #1 earn 40 points all the way down to 1 point at #40.

A song can earn bonus points if it debuts on the chart within the Top 40. If a song debuts between #11 and #40, the corresponding points for that position would be double with 10 points added.

Example: A song entering the chart at #38, earns 3 points. This would be doubled to 6 points plus 10 making the total score for that week 16 points.

If a song debuts within the Top 10, its entry points would be doubled with 20 points added.

Example: A song debuts on the chart at #1 earning 40 points. The points are doubled to 80 plus 20 for entering in the top 10 giving the song a 100 total for that week.

Bonus points can only be earned on a song’s debut week within the 40.