Exploring the Iconic Songs of Diana Ross & The Supremes

Hey there, music lovers! Today, we will take a trip down memory lane and groove to the soulful tunes of one of the most iconic girl groups of all time – Diana Ross & The Supremes! These ladies conquered the charts and won the hearts of millions with their biggest Top 40 songs and captivating performances.

Biggest Top 40 Hits

Love Child (#1 for 2 weeks) – 1968

Let’s kick things off with a song that hit the top spot in 1968! “Love Child” took the airwaves by storm, and it’s no surprise why. Diana Ross’s powerful vocals and the harmonious backup from The Supremes created an unforgettable blend of emotions that tugged at our heartstrings. The song’s catchy rhythm and poignant lyrics struck a chord with fans worldwide.

Someday We’ll Be Together (#1 for 1 week) – 1969

“Someday We’ll Be Together” is a soulful ballad that touched souls and left a lasting impression. This gem reached the pinnacle of the charts in 1969, making us believe in the power of love and hope. Diana Ross’s impeccable delivery and the group’s impeccable harmony transported listeners to a world of sweet serenity. No wonder it reigned supreme for a whole week!

Come See About Me (#1 for 2 weeks) – 1964

In 1964, “Come See About Me” took over the airwaves and our hearts, holding the top spot for two incredible weeks. The Supremes’ infectious energy and Diana Ross’s magnetic charisma shone through, making this song an instant classic. The tune makes you want to get up and dance no matter where you are!

Where Did Our Love Go (#1 for 2 weeks) – 1964

Another smash hit from 1964, “Where Did Our Love Go” dominated the charts for two weeks straight! This song became an anthem for anyone who has ever experienced the ups and downs of love. The Supremes’ vocal prowess and ability to connect with the audience left an indelible mark on the music scene.

Baby Love (#1 for 4 weeks) – 1964

“Baby Love” – a title that perfectly encapsulates the affection fans felt for this track! Unsurprisingly, this song stayed at the top of the charts for an impressive four weeks in 1964. The harmonies, the rhythm, and Diana Ross’s sensational voice made this track an instant classic, standing the test of time.

Beyond The Hits

While the chart-toppers certainly take the spotlight, let’s remember the other incredible songs that Diana Ross & The Supremes brought to life.


  • Your Heart Belongs To Me
  • Let Me Go The Right Way


  • Run, Run, Run


  • My World Is Empty Without You
  • Love Is Like an Itching in My Heart
  • You Can’t Hurry Love
  • You Keep Me Hangin


  • Forever Came Today
  • Some Things You Never Get Used To
  • I’m Gonna Make You Love Me


  • Up the Ladder to the Roof
  • Everybody’s Got the Right to Love
  • Stoned Love
  • River Deep-Mountain High


  • Nathan Jones
  • You Gotta Have Love in Your Heart
  • Touch


Bad Weather


  • A Breath Taking Guy
  • When The Lovelight Starts Shining Through His Eyes


  • Stop! In The Name Of Love
  • Back In My Arms Again
  • Nothing But Heartaches
  • I Hear A Symphony


  • Love Is Here and Now You’re Gone
  • The Happening
  • Reflections
  • In and Out of Love


  • I’m Livin’ in Shame
  • I’ll Try Something New
  • The Composer
  • No Matter What Sign You Are
  • The Young Folks
  • The Weight


  • Floy Joy
  • Automatically Sunshine
  • Your Wonderful, Sweet Sweet Love
  • I Guess I’ll Miss the Man