Rediscovering Magic with the Top Songs of Dion

Step into the world of melodic brilliance with the Top Songs of Dion. A journey through soulful ballads, rock anthems, and captivating rhythms awaits, as we delve into the musical legacy of Dion. These are the melodies that have captured hearts and resonated through the ages, showcasing the enduring magic of an artist who continues to inspire with every note.

Biggest Top 40 Hits

Runaround Sue (#1 for 2 weeks) 1961

“Runaround Sue” encapsulates the spirit of the early ’60s with its catchy doo-wop sound. Dion’s vocals tell a tale of heartache and fleeting romance, making it a timeless hit that continues to make us groove.

The Wanderer (#2) 1962

With an unmistakable beat and Dion’s signature voice, “The Wanderer” is an anthem of free-spirited youth. Its upbeat rhythm and relatable lyrics have cemented it as a classic rock ‘n’ roll track.

Abraham, Martin and John (#4) 1969

In a song that echoes with reflection and tribute, Dion pays homage to the legacies of Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr., John F. Kennedy, and Robert F. Kennedy. This poignant ballad captures the sentiment of an era.

Ruby Baby (#2) 1963

“Ruby Baby” showcases Dion’s versatility as an artist, infusing R&B and rock elements into this soulful track. His emotive delivery brings the lyrics to life, making it a standout hit of its time.

Where or When (with the Belmonts) (#3) 1960

Collaborating with the Belmonts, Dion creates a nostalgic atmosphere in “Where or When.” The harmonious blend of voices takes listeners on a journey through time, evoking a sense of longing and sentimentality.

Timeless Songs Beyond the Charts

Dion is an artist with timeless songs that have made a lasting impact on the music industry. Step beyond the charts and immerse yourself in Dion’s enchanting melodies. 


  • I Wonder Why
  • No One Knows
  • Don’t Pity Me


  • When You Wish Upon a Star
  • In the Still of the Night
  • Lonely Teenager
  • Little Miss Blue


  • (I Was) Born to Cry
  • Lovers Who Wander
  • Little Diane
  • Love Came to Me


  • Johnny B. Goode


  • Your Own Back Yard


  • A Teenager in Love
  • Every Little Thing I Do
  • A Lover’s Prayer


  • Havin’ Fun
  • Kissin’ Game
  • The Majestic


  • Sandy
  • This Little Girl
  • Come Go With Me
  • Be Careful of Stones That You Throw
  • Donna the Prima Donna
  • Drip Drop


  • Purple Haze
  • From Both Sides Now