The Unforgettable Songs of The Dave Clark Five

The Unforgettable Songs of The Dave Clark Five

From the heady days of the British Invasion to their reign as hit-makers, The Dave Clark Five’s songs are a testament to the era’s vibrant spirit. Each chord struck a chord with fans, leaving an imprint that transcends generations. Join us on this sonic expedition as we unravel the stories behind the hits, celebrating the artistry that continues to captivate audiences and ignite a sense of nostalgia.

Biggest Top 40 Hits

Over and Over (#1 for 1 week) 1966

“Over and Over” captures the band’s infectious energy and signature sound. This rock anthem, with its catchy rhythm and powerful vocals, exemplifies The Dave Clark Five’s ability to create timeless hits that resonate across eras.

Glad All Over (#6) 1964

“Glad All Over” is the quintessential British Invasion anthem. With its pounding beat and exuberant vocals, this song became an instant classic, marking The Dave Clark Five’s distinctive entry into the hearts of music enthusiasts worldwide.

Bits and Pieces (#4) 1964

In “Bits and Pieces,” The Dave Clark Five serves up a dynamic blend of rock and rhythm. The song’s energetic tempo, combined with their trademark harmonies, showcases the band’s knack for crafting catchy tunes that stand the test of time.

Because (#3) 1964

“Because” highlights The Dave Clark Five’s versatility, trading their usual upbeat sound for a heartfelt ballad. Their emotive performance and soulful lyrics demonstrate their ability to create moving music that resonates with listeners.

Can’t You See That She’s Mine (#4) 1964

With “Can’t You See That She’s Mine,” The Dave Clark Five delivers an infectiously catchy melody. The band’s charm shines through in this toe-tapping tune, capturing the essence of the era’s youthful spirit and carefree vibe.

Timeless Songs Beyond the Charts

The Dave Clark Five is a band that is forever remembered in music history. Their chart-topping hits are just the beginning of their incredible musical journey. Let’s look beyond their chart-topping hits, the band’s musical journey is adorned with songs that defy the constraints of time.


  • I Knew It All the Time
  • Do You Love Me
  • Everybody Knows (I Still Love You)
  • Any Way You Want It


  • At the Scene
  • Try Too Hard
  • Please Tell Me Why
  • Satisfied With You
  • Nineteen Days


  • Come Home
  • Reelin’ and Rockin’
  • I Like It Like That
  • Catch Us If You Can


  • I’ve Got To Have a Reason
  • You Got What It Takes
  • You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby
  • A Little Bit Now
  • Red and Blue
  • Everybody Knows