The Temptations' Greatest Hits

The Temptations’ Greatest Hits

Hey there, music fans and groove enthusiasts! Today, we’re diving into the soulful realm of The Temptations and their greatest hits that have us swaying, singing, and feeling the rhythm since way back when. Get ready to groove as we walk through their biggest Top 40 songs and timeless melodies that have left an indelible mark on the music scene.

Biggest Top 40 Hits

I Can’t Get Next to You (#1 for 2 weeks) 1969

Imagine yourself in 1969, the air filled with an electric vibe as “I Can’t Get Next to You” claims its spot at the top of the charts. This irresistible track had folks moving and shaking with its infectious rhythm and soulful vocals. The Temptations truly hit the jackpot with this one, and it’s no surprise that it secured its place in the hearts of music lovers for generations to come.


My Girl (#1 for 1 week) 1965

Ah, “My Girl” – those two words alone can transport you back to the sweet tunes of 1965. With that catchy intro and heartwarming lyrics, this song became an instant classic. The smooth harmonies and heartfelt delivery had us all singing along, imagining our “My Girl” to serenade. It’s impossible to resist joining in even now whenever those timeless notes grace our ears.


I Wish It Would Rain (#4) 1968

As the rain taps on your window, have you ever found yourself lost in the melancholic melody of “I Wish It Would Rain”? In 1968, The Temptations struck a chord with this emotional masterpiece. Their voices’ raw emotion carries you to a place of reflection and longing. No wonder this song captured hearts, making it a staple in the playlist of life’s most poignant moments.


Runaway Child, Running Wild (#6) 1969

Rev up your time machines because we’re heading back to 1969 again! “Runaway Child, Running Wild” brings energy and a dash of funk. The Temptations unleashed their wild side with this track, and it’s impossible not to get swept up in its vibrant and untamed spirit. It’s a reminder that sometimes, letting loose and embracing your inner wild child is exactly what the soul needs.


Cloud Nine (#6) 1969

Let’s keep riding that groovy 1969 wave with “Cloud Nine.” This song takes us on a journey, lifting us higher and higher with its upbeat tempo and soulful flair. The blend of psychedelic and soul elements creates an irresistible sonic experience that’s nothing short of euphoric. Close your eyes and let the music carry you away – The Temptations certainly knew how to elevate our spirits.

Other Timeless Songs

While these chart-toppers might steal the spotlight, let’s not overlook the treasure trove of other timeless songs that The Temptations have gifted us. From soul-stirring ballads to foot-tapping anthems, their discography is a true masterpiece.


  • Barbara


  • It’s Growing
  • Since I Lost My Baby
  • My Baby
  • Don’t Look Back


  • All I Need
  • You’re My Everything
  • (Loneliness Made Me Realize) It’s You That I Need


  • I’ll Try Something New
  • Don’t Let the Joneses Get You Down
  • The Weight


  • Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me)
  • It’s Summer
  • Superstar (Remember How You Got Where You Are)


  • Masterpiece
  • The Plastic Man
  • Hey Girl (I Like Your Style)
  • Let Your Hair Down


  • Shakey Ground
  • Glasshouse


  • The Way You Do the Things You Do
  • I’ll Be in Trouble
  • Girl (Why You Wanna Make Me Blue)


  • Get Ready
  • Ain’t Too Proud to Beg
  • Beauty Is Only Skin Deep
  • (I Know) I’m Losing You


  • I Could Never Love Another (After Loving You)
  • Please Return Your Love to Me
  • I’m Gonna Make You Love Me


  • Psychedelic Shack
  • Ball of Confusion (That’s What the World Is Today)
  • Ugena Za Ulimwengu (Unite the World)


  • Take a Look Around
  • Mother Nature
  • Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone


  • Heavenly
  • You’ve Got My Soul on Fire
  • Happy People


  • Keep Holding On
  • Up the Creek (Without a Paddle)