Three Dog Night’s Greatest Hits

In a world where musical tastes evolve rapidly, Three Dog Night’s music remains a constant, a testament to the timeless nature of their artistry. Their songs are not just notes and lyrics; they are memories, emotions, and a connection to the past. As we continue to celebrate this legendary band and their extraordinary music, we are reminded that some melodies are meant to last forever.

Biggest Top 40 Hits

Joy to the World 1971 (#1 for 6 Weeks)

Released in 1971, ‘Joy to the World’ is an infectious anthem that took the world by storm. With its upbeat melody and catchy lyrics, this song became a universal favorite, spreading joy and positivity wherever it played.

Mama Told Me (Not to Come) 1970 (#1 for 2 Weeks)

A rock classic from 1970, ‘Mama Told Me (Not to Come)’ is a rollicking ride through a wild party. Its spirited lyrics and energetic performance make it an enduring hit that never fails to get the crowd moving.

Shambala 1973 (#3)

‘Shambala’ is a groovy masterpiece from 1973, exuding a sense of peace and serenity. With its soothing melody and uplifting message, it invites listeners to escape to a tranquil world of harmony and bliss.

Eli’s Coming 1970 (#10)

Released in 1970, ‘Eli’s Coming’ is a powerful rock track that showcases Three Dog Night’s signature harmonies. With its intense lyrics and electrifying music, it leaves a lasting impression.

The Show Must Go On 1974 (#4)

‘The Show Must Go On,’ released in 1974, is a poignant ballad that reflects the resilience of the human spirit. Its emotive lyrics and heartfelt delivery remind us that even in difficult times, the show of life continues.

Timeless Songs Beyond the Charts

From chart-toppers to hidden gems, Three Dog Night’s catalog is a treasure trove of musical excellence. Let’s explore some of their other classic tunes.


  • Try A Little Tenderness
  • One
  • Easy to be Hard
  • Eli”s Coming


  • Joy To The World
  • Liar
  • An Old Fashioned Love Song
  • Never Been To Spain


  • Shambala
  • Let Me Serenade you


  • ‘Til The World Ends


  • Celebrate
  • Mama Told Me (Not To Come)
  • Out In the Country
  • One Man Band


  • The Family Of Man
  • Black & White
  • Pieces of April


  • The Show Must Go On
  • Sure AS I’m Sittin’ Here
  • Play Something Sweet (Brickyard Blues)