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Gene Pitney Biography

Gene Pitney, known for his song Town Without Pity, rose to fame starting in 1961 when he was signed Musicor. He immediately enjoyed success, with his “(I Wanna) Love My Life Away” hitting the Top 40. The same year “Town Without Pity” was his first song to hit the Top 20. The song won a Golden Globe Award. He performed the song at the Oscars in 1962. He is said to have one of the most distinctive voices in music. His songs and contributions have appeared in many television and movies. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2002, after being nominated 8 times. “He presents a strong, unique and highly identifiable voice that set him apart and made him one of the greatest vocalists in Rock and Roll,” Darlene Love said of him in 2002. He was considered a teen idol. “Jean really had a way with the females,” Darlene Love said.

His work was influenced by Paul Schafer, Goffin and Kings, Hal David and Burt Bacharach. “Those people have been the most important in allowing me to carry on and get here to this point today,” he said in his 2002 acceptance speech.

Gene composed songs for many others, including Roy Orbison, Bobby Vee, Ricky Nelson and most famously “He’s A Rebel” for The Crystals, which would hit #1 at the same time his own song “Only Love Can Break A Heart” at the #2 position. “Half Heaven, Half Heartache” reached No. 12 on the Billboard chart.

During his career, he released 34 Albums, 240 Singles and 265 Compilations. He was invited to play with The Rolling Stones on their first UK Album. They met while on tour in England, the same way that The Crystals met Gene. Considered a prolific songwriter, he gave Ricky Nelson one of his biggest hits, “Hello Mary Lou.”

After a brief lull in his career, Gene had a string of hits, starting in 1964 with two songs that reached No. 7 and No. 9. His last time in the US Top 40 was with “She’s A Heartbreaker” in 1968, but he continued to enjoy a respectable career enjoying success in the UK and Australia, with a number of titles that hit the Top 40 in those markets.

His most popular song on YouTube is “Somethings Gotten Hold of My Heart” with over 5,000,000 views. It reached No. 5 on the UK Singles Chart in 1967″One of my all time favourite songs. It’s textured and levelled. Not just a flat out tune. I can listen all day,” one commentor said. Another wrote, “Found this on radio over 30 years ago when I couldn’t sleep and still remember that day. One of the greatest songs ever and quite underrated”

Gene died in 2006 due to a heart attack. He was 66 years old. He continued performing to sold out audiences until his death. In 2007, his hometown of Rockville, Connecticut memorialized Gene with a plaque and September 20th, 2007 as Gene Pitney Day in Connecticut.

Gene Pitney Discography

The Collection: The Original Musicor Master TapesSpotifyAppleYouTubeAmazon
Cradle of My Arms: Complete Gene PitneySpotifyAppleYouTubeAmazon
I’m Gonna be Strong/Looking Thru the Eyes of LoveSpotifyAppleYouTubeAmazon
Blue Gene/Meets the Fair Young Ladies of FolklandSpotifyAppleYouTubeAmazon
Country Side of Gene PitneySpotifyAppleYouTubeAmazon
Sings Just For You/World Wide WinnersSpotifyAppleYouTubeAmazon
Best of Gene PitneySpotifyAppleYouTubeAmazon
Platinum CollectionSpotifyAppleYouTubeAmazon
Something’s Gotten Hold of My HeartSpotifyAppleYouTubeAmazon
24 Hours From TulsaSpotifyAppleYouTubeAmazon
Love GrowsSpotifyAppleYouTubeAmazon
Big Twenty: All the UK Top Hits, 1961-1973SpotifyAppleYouTubeAmazon
Street Called HopeSpotifyAppleYouTubeAmazon
Something’s Gotten Hold of My HeartSpotifyAppleYouTubeAmazon
Blue Angel: The Bronze SessionsSpotifyAppleYouTubeAmazon
I’m Gonna be StrongSpotifyAppleYouTubeAmazon
[object Object]SpotifyAppleYouTubeAmazon
Looking Through (Ultimate Collection)SpotifyAppleYouTubeAmazon
[object Object]SpotifyAppleYouTubeAmazon
Defenitive CollectionSpotifyAppleYouTubeAmazon
25 All-Time Greatest HitsSpotifyAppleYouTubeAmazon
22 Greatest HitsSpotifyAppleYouTubeAmazon
Very Best of Gene PitneySpotifyAppleYouTubeAmazon
Great Gene PitneySpotifyAppleYouTubeAmazon
Greatest HitsSpotifyAppleYouTubeAmazon
More Greatest HitsSpotifyAppleYouTubeAmazon
George Jones & Gene PitneySpotifyAppleYouTubeAmazon
Hits and MissesSpotifyAppleYouTubeAmazon
You’re The ReasonSpotifyAppleYouTubeAmazon
Backstage: The Greatest Hits and MoreSpotifyAppleYouTubeAmazon
Pitney ’75SpotifyAppleYouTubeAmazon
The Golden Hits of Gene PitneySpotifyAppleYouTubeAmazon
New Sounds of Gene PitneySpotifyAppleYouTubeAmazon
Ten Years LaterSpotifyAppleYouTubeAmazon
Super StarSpotifyAppleYouTubeAmazon
This is Gene Pitney Singing The Platters‘ Golden Platters SpotifyAppleYouTubeAmazon
The Greatest Hits of Gene PitneySpotifyAppleYouTubeAmazon
She’s a HeartbreakerSpotifyAppleYouTubeAmazon
Gene Pitney Sings Burt Bacharach and OthersSpotifyAppleYouTubeAmazon
Español, Volume 2SpotifyAppleYouTubeAmazon
The Gene Pitney Story SpotifyAppleYouTubeAmazon
Golden Greats SpotifyAppleYouTubeAmazon
Just One SmileSpotifyAppleYouTubeAmazon
Young and Warm and Wonderful SpotifyAppleYouTubeAmazon
The Country Side of Gene PitneySpotifyAppleYouTubeAmazon
Greatest Hits of All TimesSpotifyAppleYouTubeAmazon
Nessuno Mi Può GiudicareSpotifyAppleYouTubeAmazon
Backstage (I’m Lonely)SpotifyAppleYouTubeAmazon
Big Sixteen Volume 3SpotifyAppleYouTubeAmazon
Being Together (with Melba Montgomery)SpotifyAppleYouTubeAmazon
The Great Songs of Our TimeSpotifyAppleYouTubeAmazon
Looking Through the Eyes of LoveSpotifyAppleYouTubeAmazon
It’s Country Time Again!SpotifyAppleYouTubeAmazon
I Must Be Seeing ThingsSpotifyAppleYouTubeAmazon
For the First Time! Two Great Stars – George Jones and Gene PitneySpotifyAppleYouTubeAmazon
Gene Pitney’s Big Sixteen, Volume TwoSpotifyAppleYouTubeAmazon
It Hurts to Be in Love and Eleven More Hit SongsSpotifyAppleYouTubeAmazon
Gene ItalianoSpotifyAppleYouTubeAmazon
Gene Pitney’s Big SixteenSpotifyAppleYouTubeAmazon
Gene Pitney Meets the Fair Young Ladies of FolklandSpotifyAppleYouTubeAmazon
Blue Gene SpotifyAppleYouTubeAmazon
Gene Pitney Sings World Wide Winners SpotifyAppleYouTubeAmazon
Gene Pitney Sings Just for YouSpotifyAppleYouTubeAmazon
Only Love Can Break a HeartSpotifyAppleYouTubeAmazon
Spotlight on Gene Pitney & NewCastle TrioSpotifyAppleYouTubeAmazon
The Many Sides of Gene PitneySpotifyAppleYouTubeAmazon

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Frequently Asked Questions

Gene Pitney Hits?

One of the most successful American singer-songwriters of the 1960s, Gene Pitney had a string of Top 40 hits, including “24 Hours from Tulsa” and “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.

What Did Gene Pitney Die From?

Gene Pitney died of a heart attack on April 5, 2006, at the age of 65. Pitney had a long history of heart problems, and his death was not unexpected. However, it came as a shock to many of his fans, who loved him for his music.

Who Recorded 24 Hours From Tulsa?

The song “24 Hours from Tulsa” was written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David, and first recorded by Gene Pitney in 1963.

When Realesed Gene Pitney – Last Chance To Turn Around Song ?

The song “Last Chance to Turn Around” by Gene Pitney was released in 1965. It is a ballad with a message of hope and second chances. The lyrics tell the story of a man who has made mistakes in his life but is given one last chance to turn things around.

Gene Pitney Greatest Hits?

The Very Best of Gene Pitney is a compilation album by American pop singer Gene Pitney, released in the UK on 24 September 2007. The album features some of his best-known hits, including “Something’s Gotten Hold of My Heart”, “24 Hours from Tulsa” and “I’m Gonna Be Strong”.

Who Wrote Gene Pitney – She’S A Heartbreaker Song ?

According to Songfacts, the song was written by Gene Pitney.

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